Battle reward

Rank reward

Participating in the battle will not only increase the combat experience of the avatar, but also obtain corresponding combat rewards. The rewards include: avatar fragment and weapon fragment.

The goal of the survival mode is to try to survive until the end. Needless to say, the last 1 survivor (winner) will get the most ranking reward, followed by 2nd, 3rd...

Final reward settlement

Ranked rewards are the basis of rewards, however the avatar selected and the equipped weapon will also affect the final rewards that each player gets, the extra income of avatars and weapons are calculated based on rank rewards.


It can be seen that the final reward obtained in the battle not only depends on your ranking, but also the avatar and the equipped weapon are equally important.

For example:

Won 2nd place, selected SSR avatar, and equipped 2 rare weapons, 2 epic weapons. Then the calculation is 80 X (1+250%+130%+130%+70%+70%)=600.

You will end up with 600 avatar fragments and 600 weapon fragments.

If you selected SSR avatar without any weapon equipped, you will only get 80 X (1+250%) = 280 fragments respectively. At the same time, if there is no strong weapon equipped, the player may not even be able to get 2nd place, which will also impact the resulting drop in ranking rewards. This is what the team's would need to consider as part of the game economics.

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