NFT trade

All NFTs in the ModernPUBG can be traded in the marketplace, including: avatar, weapon, avatar badge, avatar chest, weapon chest, modern genesis badge, genesis mystery box, land (2.0), buildings and cars and other private Property (2.5).

You can find your assets in "My Account" after you buy any NFT.

Transaction Fee

All NFT transactions will be settled in METADAO, that is, buying NFTs will cost METADAO, and selling NFTs will get METADAO and generate 5% fee.

Example: If an NFT is sold for 10,000 METADAO, there will be a fee of 500 METADAO and the seller will receive 9,500 METADAO.

2.5% will belong to the team, which will be used for development funds, server costs, salaries, promotion and cooperation.

The other 2.5% of the fee will belong to all Modern Genesis Badge holders. If that the fees accumulate 10,000,000 METADAO, then all Genesis Badge holders will receive half of it, which is 5,000,000 METADAO, which will be equally distributed to each Genesis Badge holders. If it is 50 wallets, then each wallet gets 100,000 METADAO.


  • If someone holds 2 Genesis Badges, it is still counted as one holder. If 50 Genesis Badges in 40 wallets, then each wallet will get 5,000,000/40=125,000 METADAO.

  • The distribution cycle of income is weekly. If the accumulated distributable income is less than 500,000 METADAO, it will be accumulated and distributed to the next week.

  • Modern Genesis Badge holders can only obtain fees of ModernPUBG NFT transaction, and cannot get fees for other projects or games of Metaverse-DAO. The transaction income of other games will be determined by other game NFT.

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