There are multiple versions of the game, this article will give an overview of the order and content of the versions.

Version 1.0 (survival space)

The first version of the game, include:

  • Release assets: avatar, weapon, Genesis badge, Genesis mystery box, avatar chest, weapon chest, token MPUBG, avatar fragmengts, weapon fagmengts, avatar badge.

  • Battle mode: Survival mode, including filter, weapon accessories and props in battle.

  • Marketplace: NFT trade, fees, gifts, avatar upgrad, weapon repair.

Version 1.5 (war outbreak)

It will be the second version of the game, which include:

  • Battle Mode: add team survival mode, faction war mode, and city defense battle.

  • Marketplace: Avatar rental, weapon rental.

Version 2.0 (Land)

This will be the third version of the game, include:

  • Game system: add land system, and the purchase, sale and gift of land.

  • IOS and Android.

Version 2.5 (Free Economy)

This will be the third version of the game, include:

  • New NFT assets: buildings, furniture, vehicles, pets, and the purchase, sale, and gift of these assets.

  • Base on the combination of Land and private assets, we will have private shops, weapon shops, repair shops and other facilities, establish social attributes and free economy.

  • Community governance

Note: It may be adjusted due to the needs of game development or the process of community governance.

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