Basic information

ModernPUBG is a large-scale fully 3D shooting game, based on the Unity3D engine, and has complete real physical collisions throughout the game (such as being hit by a vehicle will cause injury, inertia, explosions will have shock wave boost, bombs and weapons can also destroy the doors of buildings, greenery, cars, etc.). The game is a real-time battle type, it is not turn-based. This is what the team decided from the beginning, to ensure the game performance is more appropriate, and players are more engaged in the game process.

Numerous anonymous players are randomly dropped into random spot in the "Modern City". Just like in real life, the players start with nothing. Various weapons, props, and other players are hidden everywhere in the city. The weapons and props picked up in the battle are free! What you need to do is to find more weapons and props, use them wisely, then fight against other players, and try to be the last man standing.

The "Modern City" will have safe and unsafe zones in the game. Safe zone within the city will shrink over time at a random coordinates. Player's HP will start to reduce continuously if the player is outside the safe zone. You can take advantage of this by choosing to bereave it out by killing onsite by following the shrinking safety zone or enter the zone ahead of other players and keep the incoming opponents out. In short, Do everything you can to live to the end.

You can combat each game by using any weapons you can pick up in the city. Weapon could be Machete, UZI, AKM, M16A4, etc, shoot with firearms, blow up opponents with grenades, burn opponents with Molotov cocktails, chop opponents with machetes, KO opponents with fists after running out of ammunition or even knock down opponents with vehicles.

If you know about the renewed "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS", it will be easier to understand it and get started with ModernPUBG. The difference is that ModernPUBG is a third-person perspective. Why is this? We don't want reaction and aiming techniques to take over the game, so we've made changes to the perspective that will bring several improvements to the game: a While ensuring the game is interesting, it also highlights the core battle technique and survival strategies of the game. Even if your reactions and gaming skills are not top-notch, you can still rely on using smart strategies, such as moving routes, wise decision making, better observation skills, or even use patience to win the game.

b Resolving the problem of 3D vertigo would make the game more friendly to female players, children and seniors. Anyone can easily participate in the game as long as they understand the rules and enjoy playing the game long term. We expect the audience group for the game to grow larger.

c Improving the economic vitality of NFT. In different environments and situations, matching appropriate weapons and equipment will become the key. As we have said in this game, the more important thing is to be smart and strategic, not just relying on reaction time and aiming technology, which makes each NFT more meaningful and practical. You will need to use it in the right circumstances, but there is no silver bullet, even the best NFT weapons can't solve all problems.

d The location of where you start the game and the supplies you get will be more important. To win the game, the element of luck is slightly magnified. Even if the technology is not so good, there is still a chance of victory.

Game assets

ModernPUBG mainly includes 10 core assets, which have their own functions and make the game economy more healthy, players can use or trade them: Modern Avatar

Choose an Avatar, and the player will control them to fight, which is very similar to the character used by the player. You can also use a free Avatar, and you can participate in the governance of the game if you have an avatar. It will be discussed later in details.

Modern Weapon

Before going to the battle, you will need to equip a weapon. After equipping it, you can enjoy the corresponding additional weapon performance, appearance, and benefits if you pick it up in a single battle. If you don't have a weapon, you can also equip a free weapon and use it in battle. Use it after picking it up, but only enjoy its default properties. It will be discussed later in details.

Avatar Badges

These are the proof of the experience and battle. Using them allows Avatars to upgrade and become stronger. The rarer Avatars will have a higher level cap, which requires the consumption of the corresponding Avatar Badges. It will be discussed later in details.

Avatar Chest

Open them to get Avatar or Avatar Badge, which can be obtained by participating in battles. It will be discussed later in details.

Weapon Chest

Open them to get weapons, you can get them by participating in battles. It will be discussed later in details.

Genesis Badge

It is very rare and limited, it is a symbol of status and privilege. Once you have it, you can enjoy being a part of the METADAO settlement of Macketplace transactions. At the same time, get a huge help in the game and improve attributes and benefits. It can only be obtained through the Modern Genesis Mystery Box, which will be described in detail later.

Modern Genesis Mystery Box

These are also limited. When opening it, in addition to obtaining avatars or weapons, Modern Genesis Mystery Box also has a chance to obtain Genesis badges. We plan to release the boxes before the game is released, in order to increase the popularity and reward early game players. Supporters, the purchase method and conditions have not yet been confimed. The team will discuss and make a decision based on the progress of the project development. Token MPUBG

It is required for the game token, synthesis of Avatar Chest and Weapon Chest. It will regulate the economy of the game, which will be introduced in detail later.

Mordern City Land (Version 2.0)

You can buy private land in Modern City. All lands within Modern City does not belong to anyone at first. Once you own a land, you can arrange it, build your own home. Version 2.0 has more surprises.

Personal Items (Version 2.5)

If you own a land, you can build private buildings, buy furniture, pets, cars, etc., all of which belong to the player. You can even open your own weapon shop, chest shop, repair shop to run a business, allowing players to participate and influence the economy of the entire game, which is also an important goal we have for the game.

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