About Weapon

After the META bridge was born, many entities were mapped, including various weapons, such as pistols, rifles, R.P.G, even machetes, and woks... Yes, some weapons are also scattered in the Modern City.

Strictly speaking, there are two types of weapons: weapons owned by wallets (NFTs) and weapons picked up in battle.

Weapons in wallet (NFT)

Weapons belonging to game accounts and wallets are NFTs that can be traded and are truly private assets. Players can choose the weapon they have before the battle, so after picking up the weapon in the battle, you can enjoy powerful attributes of the equipped weapon.

Note: as long as the weapon is equipped, you will get the corresponding extra income no matter whether it is picked up in the battle or not.

Weapons picked up in battle

Like PUBG, players have no weapons at the beginning of each battle, and they need to find weapons by themselves. This is also one of the fun part of the game. If you don't equip a weapon before the battle, then any weapon picked up by you in the battle will be the default attribute, and no extra income.

Note: The weapons picked up in the battle cannot be carried over to the next battle, all players need to re-explore the city and find weapons in the next battle.

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