Battle rules

Survival mode

ModernPUBG has a variety of game modes. "survival mode" will be released in version 1.0, as mentioned above, each avatar will randomly land in a location within the modern city and explore the entire town to obtain more supplies, weapons and props. The ultimate goal is to do whatever it takes to survive until the end.

There will be 50 avatars participate in each battle, so don't be surprised if you run into some big shots.

Note: It may be adjusted due to the needs of game development or the process of community governance.

Battle map - Modern City

The survival mode is carried out in the modern city. In order to create ultimate combat experience, the entire town has a large number of buildings, including residences, public places or facilities. The area is very large, so it is grand and fascinating. It will take at least an hour to explore the whole city if you choose on foot.

Modern city is the first town to be announced in the entire space, and other areas will be released for players to explore in the future.


In each battle, the center of the mysterious "filter space" will also appear at random. The inner space of the filter is very large and will almost cover the entire city in the beginning. HP will continue to decrease if you stay outside the filter, , and the space will shrink every so often. It will reach the min size after 8 reductions. It will get tougher for the remaining competitors to remain inside the space, so you can imagine the brutal final showdown.

Specific period and damage:

Note: It may be adjusted due to the needs of game development or the process of community governance.

Weapons and supplies

In order to make the battle suspenseful, in addition to the landing position of the avatar, the random coordinates of the filter space, the supplies in the town are also randomly distributed in buildings or public facilities. The supplies include weapons and other combat supplies. There may be supplies at residences, stations, shops, car repair shops, stadiums, or anywhere else. At the same time, not every building will necessarily have supplies, so you will need some luck to find them. Even if you find a supply this time, it does not mean you will find it the next time. The supplies that appear are completely random, meaning you may find AKM in a shop, but you might not find anything there again next time.

It should be emphasized that when you eliminate other players, you can loot their backpacks, weapons, and any supplies.

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