Free Economy (Version 2.5)

Launching land isn't just about owning it. Just like in a reality, you can custom build or remodel them, it's up to you. All in all, you can furnish them with your favorite buildings, statues, furniture, cars and even pets, these are all NFTs.

It's not just about beauty, the goal of ModernPUBG is to build a complete virtual world, you can use all of this to build your own weapon shop, weapon repair shop, chest synthesis technology shop, car repair shop or other, you will earn the income you deserve. It's up to the player and can even set the transaction fee rate.

We allow players to be guests, sabotage, who wouldn't want to do something in someone else's house? This is the social aspect of the game. This is an important part of the plan. The team hopes to let all players take over the entire game economy through all of this. Just like in reality, the influence of one person's actions is insignificant, and everyones decisions will eventually affect the entire economy. This is also the value of DAO.

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