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ModernPUBG is a complete world and the battle mode is not the only survival mode. The team designed and developed "team survival mode", " factions war mode", "city defense war". These will be released in version 1.5 and not 1.0 as the team hopes to review everyone's feedback on the gameplay, the rationality of rewards, and the balance of the game according to the classic survival mode first. The team will then update the game, and at the same time release the 1.5 version with other modes to make the game more robust. Even though other game modes have already been developed, there are no plans to release them directly in version 1.0.

Team Survival Mode (version 1.5)

Every player will make new friends in the game, and it is also possible to meet partners with similar interests in the community, or you might came to ModernPUBG through the introduction of a friend. Of course, you will want to fight side by side. The team has foreseen this and developed team survival mode, which differs from survival mode by:

Team size:

Each team consists of 3 avatars. You are close with each other and have a clear roles to play in the team. Covering, attacking, defending, and asking for help are all up to you. The goal is also to to survive till the end.

Number of teams:

The whole game will consist of 25 teams, and it is conceivable that cooperation and tacit understanding are important factors in this mode.


The result of the battle in the team mode will generate 25 team rankings, the ranking of the team depends on the moment when all members of the team are eliminated, that is, when the last member of the team is eliminated, the ranking of the team will be determined.


When you or your teammates are knocked down, members of the team can rescue them. The rescue process takes time, and both cannot move at the same time, so timing is important. In any case, timely rescue will bring the team to victory. This is a geat advantage.


Victory in the team mode is not easy to come by, and it is a matter of course that the game income will be more abundant. The ranking rewards of the same team members are the same, and the calculation of the final income obtained by the individual is the same as that of the survival mode, the avatar selected and the weapons equipped will affect everyone's extra income.

Factions war mode (Version 1.5)

Even in the same game, even in another space, there will be people with different opinions. The team developed a faction system to reflect this, where players can create or join any faction (you can also call it organization). Obviously the factions mode is a war between factions, the team calls it a campaign. It will be held periodically, it may be every 1 day, every 3 days, or once a week, depending on the actual situation of the game at that time, its characteristics are:

Number of players:

Each faction can have up to 50 avatars participating in each war. Everyone fighting for factions will be spectacular and exciting.

Number of factions:

The whole battle will consist of two factions, and funding team is currently testing 3 factions to fight at the same time, so we are not ruling out that the possibility of having three factions confront in war in the future release. These battles will be more strategic and epic.


Factions war is not just chaotic killings, there will be three to six strategic fortresses throughout the town. Occupying any fortress can give you more control and continue to gain strategic points. The goal of the factions is to seize control of more fortresses and try their best not to be taken away, the strategic points will be obtained if the fortress is completely occupied (all the avatars of other factions are driven out of the fortress area), and the victory or defeat will be dertermined by the strategic points at the end of the battle.


If it is two factions, then there is only victory or defeat. If there are three factions, then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be determine according to the strategic score.


The avatars who were eliminated cannot be rescued in the factions war, they will be resurrected from the base camp of their factions and go to the fortress again. Which fortress to go? how to get there? What to do after that? Your wisdom will be tested.


The battle is epic, and the rewards will be very rich. The basic rewards for the players of the same faction are the same. However, the final rewards obtained by the individual is different, the avatar selected and the weapons equipped will affect everyone's extra income. It should be noted that the income of the war may have additional assets exclusive to the faction, so you can imagine what it is.

City Defense Battle (Version 1.5)

The whole space is very large, in addition to the Modern City, there are surrounding areas that are unknown, and resources are limited. Sometimes other factions and unknown creatures invade. This time, everyone needs to take up arms and fight to protect the city together. Everyone will have to work hard for this, its characteristics are:

Number of players:

Each defensive battle will be participated in the form of individuals or teams, it will still consist of 3 avatars if it is team form.


Players will fight against avatars and creatures from the outside world in the fortress area of the city. Their invasion frequency will become higher and higher, the number of enemy will become larger and larger, and their ability will become stronger and stronger. Yes, it is very difficult.


First of all, you need to survive. If you are knocked down in a defensive battle, you will not be able to be rescued or resurrected, you will lose the fortress. You have to beat more enemies , or they will take over the fortress. So trying to protect the fortress as long as possible is the ultimate goal.


Risk and rewards are always proportional. Defensive battles are hard and dangerous, so the rewards are plentiful. The reward will depends on the time defending the city, which determines the income of the battle, and the final reward is also affected by the avatar selected and the weapons equipped.

Note: It may be adjusted due to the needs of game development or the process of community governance

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