Weapon attribute description

In order to restore the real sense of combat, each weapon has its own unique characteristics. This article focuses on explaining each attribute so that players can understand and use them.

Weapon type

There are currently six weapon types in ModernPUBG: melee weapons, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, automatic rifles, and R.P.G. Each weapon has its own characteristics and it is very important to use reasonable weapons in different environments and timings.


Regardless of the type, each weapon has 4 rarities: common, uncommon, rare, and epic. Please note that "common" are free, but they are not NFTs which cannot be traded and they have no extras Battle income, if no weapon is equipped. The weapon picked up in the battle is the "common weapon".

For Example: Suppose you are equipped with a rare AKM, then the AKM will have the corresponding appearance and attributes after being picked up in the battle. You will get extra income regardless of whether the AKM is picked up in this battle. If you don't have AKM equipped, it will have the attributes and appearance of "Common AKM" after picking up the AKM.

Basic damage

The basic damage of the weapon's single bullet, the rarer the weapon, the higher the basic damage.

Additional damage

Each weapon has additional damage. In fact, the actual damage caused by the weapon = basic damage + additional damage. The additional damage is randomly generated and fixed when the weapon (NFT) is maped. The rarer the weapon, the larger the random range of additional damage, the higher the probability of getting high additional damage.


As you keep shooting, the crosshair will become less stable, the stability of the shot is represented by the accuracy. Stability score consist of mininum and maximum accuracy scores (the minimum and the maximum deviation range of the sight). The better the stability, the deviation range of the crosshair will be smaller when shooting, resulting in higher hit rate.


Different weapons have different ranges. Depending on the situation, a longer range is critical.

Rate of fire

Different weapons have different firing frequencies. An excellent rate can cause powerful damage and advantages in less time.

Reload speed

If you run out of bullets in the magazine, you will need to reload it. Faster the reload then you will have more chances.

Magazine cap

This determines the number of bullets that can be fired continuously after a reload.


Players can pick up helmet and body armor in the battles.It will be easier to destroy the armor and cause more damage to the competitors If the gun has excellent penetration.

Accessory slot

During the battle, you can pick up some additional accessories to enhance your weapons, such as scopes, gun stocks, and stabilizers. The more accessory slots your weapon has, the more room for it to improve.

Avatar fragments extra income

Equipping weapons can bring extra income. Avatar fragments that can be obtained through battle (consisting of ranking rewards and extra income). The extra income is calculated based on the ranking rewards and the rarity of the weapon will determine how much the extra income will be. Note: as long as the weapon is equipped before the battle , you will get the extra income which will be superimposed whether you pick it up in battle or not (example: the ranking reward is 100 fragments, and 3 weapons are equipped before the battle, the extra income is 50%, 50%, 70% respectively, the actual Gain 100x (1+50%+50%+70%) fragments).

Weapon fragments extra income

Weapon fragments that can be obtained through battles will also consist of ranking rewards and extra income like avatar fragments, extra income is calculated based on ranking rewards which can be stacked.


Each weapon has a durability, and the rarer the weapon, the higher the durability will be. As long as the weapon is equipped, its durability will be reduced by 1 regardless of whether it is picked up in a battle. If the durability is 0, it will be damaged and cannot be equipped again (free "common weapons" have unlimited durability).

Note: Damaged weapons can be repaired to restore durability.

About repair

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