Overview of ModernPUBG's economic structure

The team has conducted in-depth research on the most important game in the crypto, and we have spent several months on this. Usually, most games (even well-performing games) eventually face devaluation of game tokens after their glory days. The rapid depreciation of NFT assets is usually caused by the fact that the game economic structure is too vertical. Single purpose, lack of scalability and proliferation.

The team spends a lot of time reflecting on the economic structure and is determined to improve the game's ecosystem. We have sorted out the encrypted game asset institutions that is fun and are in line with economic sustainable development. Actions include:

a Enrich the structure level of game assets and NFT assets;

b Give NFT more uses with gameplay principles;

c Increase the extensibility of NFTs, establish a link between interactions between NFTs, and make them affect games and battles;

d Based on the above methods, moderate recovery or even deflation of cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be realized to buffer or even eliminate selling pressure, and to encourage players to keep more assets in the game.

It may be difficult to understand the contract design and the work results of game developers through the matrix diagram. Please continue to read the subsequent chapters of the whitepaper and get more help.

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