Land (version 2.0)

The land system will be introduced in version 2.0. Anyone can buy a land in Modern City and other areas wich will be released later. They are NFT and your private land.

The entire city will be composed of limited lands, each land is unique, some are located in shopping streets, some are located in transportation hubs, some are residential areas, and some may be parks, schools or other facilities.

Lands will be sold in batches. Each land has its own characteristics. Some are more suitable for building shops, some are more suitable for service, and some are suitable for building restaurants or repair shops, players can request according to their preferences, the Mevaverse world is a reflection of reality. Like reality, some lands will inevitably be sought after by more people. Who doesn't want to be in a more prominent position?

We will discuss and determine the land sales plan with the community according to the development of the game before version 2.0, such as the batch, price, purchase conditions, etc.

The lands can also be traded in the marketplace and given away.

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