Introduction and Purpose of Genesis Badge

The background of the Genesis badge

In the space on the other end of the META bridge, there is only one substance that can not be mapped from the real world. In other words, those are the things that do not exist in the real world! Genesis Badge is a mysterious metal that are said to be born within the META bridge. As they look like a badge, people call them the "Genesis Badge". They cannot be destroyed and are extremely rare. Because such metal does not exist in the real world, their composition cannot be analyzed, and their origin remains unknown. The only information we know is that someone once saw the strong avatar possessing the badge, which gave some special power that made the avatar very powerful. The people in the entire virtual space world are talking about its power and trying to crack its secrets.

The effect of the badge

They are extremely precious NFTs that majority of people have never even seen them before. They are limited to only 50 in the world and will never be issued again. Those players/wallets with the Genesis Badges will enjoy the following unique experience in the Modern City:

  • There is 2.5% of the transaction volume of all NFTs in the ModernPUBG marketplace is distributed equally to each Genesis badge holder wallet as a transaction fee (once a week, settled by METADAO);

  • Possessing the Genesis Badge will make any avatar's HP +150 in each battle;

  • Designating a weapon will not consume durability. This means that desginated weapon will never be damaged and it can be replaced at any time;

  • Additional increase in the income of avatar fragments obtained in battle by +50%;

  • Additional increase in the income of weapon fragments obtained in battle by+50%;

  • Holding the Genesis badge is a great symbol, and there will be a prominent mark in the leaderboard in the game;

  • Buffs and priorities in ModernPUBG 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and subsequent versions. For example: wallets holding Genesis badges can build large statues in their own land, it is private and exclusive. Players can configure pictures, slogans, declarations, advertising slogans, personal websites, public websites, twitter, youtube, videos for the statue, app store, shopping site or any other link (as long as it does not violate the law and ethics), the statue is majestic and can be placed in a dazzling location. It is difficult to ignore the statue, as you can show who you are and even promote yourself, because it is in a private property. It can also be used to promote other people or companies or app promotion and so on, sometimes it's a bit like an advertisement, it depends on its owner.

The team would like people to realize through the virtual world that the technology of web3.0 is completely open to many ideas and possibilities. It is completely feasible to have ideas such as run to earn, learn to earn, watch to earn, listen to earn, talk to earn, rather than just play to earn. It's limited only by the imagination.

Note: The effects of Genesis badges cannot be stacked, you can only enjoy the above benefits even if you have multiple Genesis badges.

How to get the Genesis Badge

The Genesis Badges was born at the same time as the META Bridge, it is only possible to get it by the modern Genesis Mystery Boxes.

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