Metaverse-DAO (METADAO2.0) Token Mechanism

Metaverse-DAO (METADAO2.0) as the core token of the whole project, the team hopes to protect those real investors, we have seen many projects including games destroyed by some market manipulators and whales who don't care about the development of the project, or even play the game at all. No only they do not use NFTs, they just enter the project earlier and arbitrage through token price fluctuations. No project can completely eliminate this from happening (at least we think so). However, in order to minimize such adverse effects, we have upgraded and innovated the smart contract as a way to make price relatively stable. There will be maximum cap of 100,000 $METADAO2.0 to be sold at a time.

Note: Since METADAO's dividend contract was hacked, the team completed the liquidity migration and released METADAO2.0, which will work perfectly.

METADAO2.0 contract:


Mechanism 1 - Continuous Dividend USDT

Holders of Metaverse-DAO can get the dividend in USDT, the dividend comes from transaction fee of all sellers. No slippage when puchasing METADAO2.0, selling fee will be distributed to all holders after anyone sells the token, all of this is sent automatically by the smart contract, all you have to do is sit tight and wait.

Mechanism 2 - Preventing market manipulation and bots

We don't want market manipulators and bots to arbitrage from the holders, the value and profit of the tokens should be reserved for the real supporters, so that all the selling will be charged and all the fee will be 100% distributed to holders, rather than letting market manipulators or whales to gain profit and leave in the short term.

The average price per minute for the last 4320 minutes (3 days) before the current time is used as the benchmark price. When the coin price = benchmark price, the selling slippage is 10%, and if the current token price > the benchmark price then slippage increase by 1% for every 1% above the benchmark price.

(For example, price = 105% of the benchmark price then sell slippage will be 15%) and selling slippage will not exceed 45%.

Mechanism 3 - Price Protection

In order to protect the assets of holders, if the selling volume is too large in the short term, it will temporarily cause an additional fees on all sales orders.

If the currnet Token price < 100% of the benchmark price, for every 1% of the price below the benchmark price, the selling slippage will be increased by 2%.

(for example, price = 98% of the benchmark price, the selling slippage is 14%), the maximum will not exceed 45%.


The official website refreshes the benchmark price, current price and selling slippage every minute, and everyone can check it at any time.

Mechanism 4 - Eliminate Tax Evasion

In order to prevent speculators from selling a large amount of METADAO2.0 at once and causing tax evasion when the tax is low, the maximum amount of METADAO2.0 sold in a single transaction is limited to 100,000.

Fee distribution

Regardless of the selling slippage, 100% of all taxes will be sent to all holders as dividends (Usdt).


Someone sells METADAO2.0 worth of 100 USD

If the selling fee is 15% at that time

All holders receive a total of 15 Usdt in dividends (100*15%)

The seller will get 85 Usdt.

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