Avatar and weapon rental (version 1.5)

here is no game that can be fun for everyone. Even if its the greatest game in the history, you may not have enough time for personal reasons or work. However, GameFi gives people more forms of participation, so we believe that rental form is desirable.

Maybe you agree with the idea of the project but don't have the time or enough skills to get a good result. If you have NFT assets, then you can also rent avatars and weapons to other players who need them, so that you can make money by investing in the game NFTs, it's a win-win situation.

If you are confident enough in your game skills, but don't want to invest too much in the early, then you can rent someone else's avatar or weapon, pay a small cost to win, and return with your skills and time. The rental will be Maximize the utilization of game resources.

Avatar Rental

The number of avatar fragments that each avatar can obtain is limited. The lessor needs to set the buyout number of avatar fragments that can be rented (it can also be 0), and set the rental period and rental price (METADAO). Anyone can rent it for this price.


a During the period of listing, the lessor cannot use, sell, gift or rent this avatar, because it may be rented at any time;

b Once someone rents an avatar, the buyout quantity of avatar fragments set by the lessor will be deducted from the remaining available quantity. The renter can find this avatar in "My account" and have the right to use this avatar to participate in battles and get the corresponding number of avatar fragments and other combat income. The rented avatar participating in the battle will also improve its EXP.

c The lessor cannot use, sell, gift, rerent or upgrade the avatar during the rental period;

d The renter does not own the avatar, so it can only be used for battles, it cannot be traded, gifted, rerented, or upgraded;

e Once the expiry date of the lease term is reached, the avatar will be returned to the lessor regardless of whether the renter has fully obtain the corresponding avatar fragments by battles, which means that the renter cannot continue to use it, and the owner will be able to use it again, and sell it, gift, rent, upgrade.

Weapon Rental

The durability of each weapon is limited. The lessor needs to set the durability and rental price (METADAO) available for rent. Any player can rent it at the set price.


a The part of the durability will be temporarily deducted after the rental durability is set, if the rental is cancelled, the durability will be restored;

b The lessor may continue to use or rent the weapon again during the listing period, but cannot gift, repair or use it for repair;

c The lessor can use the weapon to fight or sell, gift, rent, repair or use it for repair during the rental period, the only difference is that the durability becomes less;

d Once someone rents a weapon, the rental durability will be permanently deducted, and the renter can find the weapon in "My account" and use it to fight and obtain corresponding benefits;

e The renter does not own the weapon, so it can only be used for battle until the rental durability is exhausted, it cannot be sold or given away, rented, repaired or used for repairs.

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