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The bridge connecting reality and virtuality

The speed of human technology development is beyond our imagination. People are not only satisfied with creating a virtual world, but they also created a new technology in 2051, the META bridge, which can map real matter 1:1 to metaverse virtual space.

The technology can successfully map people, animals, buildings, anything that exists in reality, they persist, move, develop in the metaverse space, and the real world cannot affect the space on the other side unless you go there through the META bridge. It's like a field experiment but it's real. The real world is relatively virtual to the other side.

Metaverse space

Like the real universe, the entire metaverse space is infinite and constantly expanding. Once the META bridge is opened, it will always exist, streets, shops, bridges, churches, stadiums, people, animals, plants and everything you can think of. People who map to the other side are called avatars. It should be emphasized that all the matter mapped through the bridge does not stay the same as the original entity in reality, everything is reorganized in the metaverse space!

Since the mapping is 1:1, everything in the real world converges here, including criminals, terrorists, evil organizations, crooks, radical speculators, pioneers, forming an intricate group. The city is called the Modern City, and the citizens (avatars) are mostly kind and united, at least it seems so. The modern city is just a grain of sand in the space, always threatened by the unknown outside the city.


Unfortunately, every once in a while, a "filter space" will appear at random time and random coordinates as the centre and continue to shrink. It also occasionally appears in the Modern City. At present, the reason for the formation of the filter screen is unknown. What can be determined is that the space outside the net only threatens the living body, and the living space is shrined. People are always exploring the secrets of the filter space and they have to fight for a limited living space at the same time.

Competitive relationship

Don't be silly, if you want to find a nice person, you have to go to kindergarten instead of here, each avatar needs to use the best of out of all resources until the filter is completely eliminated, even hiding will be a good idea.

"Wise up!" The old man sitting in the corner of the bar will occasionally alert the rookies. It is useless to seek help from the God here, and there is no law to follow. Every time the filter space appears, your fate will depend on the wisdom and decisiveness of the avatar.

Fair chance

Think about who controls the resources of the real world? They are well-dressed and articulate, and they can refuse even the smallest request with a cup of coffee in hand. In the mapped virtual world, everything starts from scratch and everything is rebuilt. Although it is a bit cruel, it is at least fair. The avatars who come here must choose again. The premise is that they survive first. So what do you want to do?

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