Game Operation Manual

In order for all players to quickly learn the game and handle it correctly after the game is released, it is recommended to check the operating instructions in detail:

Similar to PUBG, the keyboard will control Avatar movement and interaction, and the mouse will control aiming and shooting and the use of props.

Moving / Driving:

Key W - move up

Key S - move down

Key A - move left

Key D - move right

Avatar Aiming / Crosshair Aiming / Throwing Aiming:

move the mouse

Shoot / throw / use props:

Left Click Mouse

Picking up weapons or props / checking other's backpack / open or close doors / get in or out of the car (please note that you can only control the car if you in the driver's seat):

Key F


Key R

Pick up or Discard the specified weapon or drop:

Right Click Mouse (when backpack is open)

Equip / pick up / drop the specified weapon or accessory:

Left Click Mouse + Move the mouse (when backpack is open)

Weapon switching:

Num 1 - Switch to Primary Weapon (R.P.G, Rifle, SMG, Shotgun)

Num 2 - Switch to Side Arm (R.P.G, Rifle, SMG, Shotgun)

Num 3 - Switch to Pistol Weapon

Num 4 - Switch to Melee Weapon

Num 5 - Switch to Throwables (frag grenade, molotov cocktail, smoke grenade), click Num 5 repeatedly to switch to the specified throwables

Num 6 - switch to Rescue Props, click Num 6 repeatedly to switch to the specified prop

Other operations:

Key Tab - open/close backpack and equipment bar

Key M - open/close map

Key G - Discard the currently held weapon or prop

Note: This is the operating instructions for Win, and the operating instructions for mobile will be supplemented after the 2.0 version is released for IOS and Android.

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