Avatars introduction

In the months after the birth of the META bridge, the metaverse space was a bit cruel, but it was very lively. The same can be said of Modern City. There are already some avatars living here, and new residents or visitors continue to appear. Some come to this space to become a big shot, so let's find out.


Aydin is a good looking young guy who is Evie’s classmate. He is full of energy, warm-hearted, and has a sense of justice. He often helps people he doesn't even know in the Modern City. He is a master shooter who proficient in electronic equipment and various firearms. His also plays electronic music as his hobby. He came here by following an singer he likes.


Evie is a lovely young girl, but don't be fooled by her big innocent eyes, she is adventurous by nature with a black belt in judo, whoever annoys her will be took down by her mercilessly. She didn't come to Modern City for fun, she wanted to be a real adventurer.

Treasure Hunter

"Treasure Hunter" is very skilled at navigating dangerous monuments. He is knowledgeable enough to find long-lost mysterious treasures based on limited clues. But His ability is far more than that. Due to his proficiency, he's always able to leave deadly situations unscathed. He has claimed himself to be the descendant of medieval adventurers without ever providing evidence. As the years passed, "Treasure Hunter" was no longer active, he lived in a stable life until he probed the entrance to the Metaverse space.

Revolution Hack

When governments say they will partner up with big monopoly tech companies in order to reduce the rate of crimes , smart people should understand that from this moment, everyone will lose their privacy. Everyone's information will be deeply analyzed and sold to any company in need. As if our body is exposed to the eyes of capital and is constantly being selected and traded. Super Hacker has seen through the conspiracy of the tech giant, he stepped forward to declare a war on centralized servers, war on web 2.0. After successfully dismantling the "privacy war" he began to explore web 3.0 until he found the META bridge.

Super Soldier

It's hard to believe that a little guy under 5 feet would be called a super soldier, but that's no exaggeration. It can be seen from his facial features that he is an indifferent person, but in fact such an outstanding warrior is not a lone wolf, he cherishes his companions very much. He is very experienced in combat, and he has defeated enemies way bigger than himself many times, it is enough to go down in history.

Mini Holmes

According to some clues, Mini Sherlock Holmes is just a code name, no one knows what his real name is. Although he is just a child, his wisdom is unmeasurable and he is a real genius. What he does best is observation and analysis, he likes to find clues in hidden corners and can always reveal the truth. He often quotes Sherlock Holmes: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth. The mysterious events of the Meta bridge made him decide to set off again.

Agent S.S

His code name is S.S. It is not difficult to see from the outfit that he is an experienced special forces soldier. There are various theories about his origin, some say he is a soldier cloned by a mysterious organization using genetic technology, and others say that he is a ghost that appears anywhere. He has been called "the man who made everything possible" due to his achievements. The last time he showed his face was on a cruise which exploded during the mission, and then he disappeared. What was his purpose in coming to Modern City?


This petite girl is called princess because of her sweet and lovely appearance, and her outgoing personality always makes her the focus of the public. She is an singer who is very popular amount young people - It is really hard to get tickets for her concert. She dresses gorgeously and she is a fashion icon, bold and edging , looking for excitement is what she always does. When the Meta bridge opens, she goes without hesitation with only one purpose: To let people in another world to know her.


Santa is not just an imaginary. Every country has its own version of Santa. This Santa is the earliest aboriginal in Modern City, children in Modern City also need joy. Like all Santas in the real world, he will take a sleigh pulled by reindeer every Christmas to surprise all the children in Modern City. Of course, If he encounters bad kids, he is not as kind as Santa in everyone's impression.

Agent Avenger

"Titanium Alloy Doges" was the name of the stateless Legion that he created, but him was forced to wipe out his own legion because of the war. He was destined to seek revenge all his life. The war wounded him and brought him hatred, he was covered in scars and his face could not be recognized. The shrapnel caused hallucinations from time to time, he is using Avenger as the code name for every action because he even forgot his real name. He entered the Metaverse space alone when he heard that he could forget the pain after passing the META bridge.


He served as a sergeant major in the real world, and after countless battles, he grews into a strong warrior and commander. In fact, he does not have any superpowers, he is just stronger, brave, wiser and more righteous than ordinary people. Because of those, he successfully smashed some evil forces and became a hero in people's minds. He is still improving, he represents the limit of human, and every battle he goes through makes him stronger, and the legend continues.

Black Mamba

Agile and quick, sharp in attack, tough and powerful, we are not describing a beast here but an eternal king. The achievements of Black Mamba is not only due to his own talents, but also the result of unremitting efforts and continuous challenges to himself. Black Mamba is a spirit that spreads like fire in the grasslands. His sudden appearance in the Metaverse space is very meaningful, and his spirit and story will be continued and passed on infinitely.


M404# is unique among Avatars. He appears to be a high-tech armor from the future, but no one knows if it's human or maybe there's another armor inside. His secrets have never been cracked, and some believe he is from the multiverse. He claims himself as a representor of "justice". The mission of M404# is to remove everything or everyone that he thinks is wrong. When the Meta Bridge opened, he attempts to define its correctness, he pursues the justice and order he defines and trying to apply these into the Metaverse.