Game features

ModernPUBG is a game based on the blockchain network (BSC). It has many similarities and differences with traditional games and blockchain games. Its main features are:

A wide variety of game assets (NFTs)

A rich portfolio of assets and a reasonable structure, as well as a deflationary mechanism in order to make the economy more resistant to inflation and more sustainable.

Full 3D representation

Based on Unity3D game engine development and cartoon style, the purpose is to achieve excellent and easy to play game visual effects.

Physical collision

A large number of real physical collisions, weapons, buildings, facilities, and interactions between props make the game more realistic and fun.

Real-time combat

The game can not be turn-based. Considering the characteristics of shooting games, real-time system is a must, which ensures the continuity of the battle.

Exploration and Opportunity

The initial position of the character is at random. In order to win the battle, you need to try your best to explore every corner of the city to get more weapons and props that are beneficial to you, making the battle more suspenseful and exciting.

Rich battle modes

ModernPUBG will have 4 game modes to meet the needs of different groups of people, namely: Survival Mode, Team Mode, Factions War, and City Defence War.

Project governance

By holding NFT, players can participate in project proposals, voting, governance, and even modify the rules of the game, which is the spirit of decentralization.

Combination and expansion of private assets, a completely free economy

Version 2.0 introduces land and many types of private assets, so that players have a sense of achievement and customization space, so as to realize the economic activities of players participating in the entire game, or the sum of each player's behaviour is the game economy itself.

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