Weapon Chest

Weapon chest is the only way to get weapons after the Genesis Mystery Box.

Every weapon chest requires two materials:

  • Requires 3000 weapon fragments as the main material (weapon fragments can only be obtained through battle);

  • At the same time, a certain amount of equivalent token MPUBG is required. The amount required for MPUBG is not fixed. The required MPUBG is 10% of the actual average transaction price of the weapon chest in the marketplace in the past one hour. However, in order to prevent the weapon chests from flooding during transactions are not active, it will require a minimum equivalent of 5 USD in MPUBG.


Drop rate detail of what will be inside the each weapon chest:


Uncommon weapon


Rare weapon


Epic weapon


Note: It may be adjusted due to the needs of game development or the process of community governance.

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